Monday, June 9, 2014

Box of Happies review, June 2014

I received my June Box of Happies shipment in the mail this weekend. Box of Happies is an "indie" subscription service that offers a variety of handmade items for $28.99 a month. It's consistently been one of my favorite boxes to receive, so let's take a look at this month's shipment and see how it stacks up against the others.

1. Necklace and earring set from Box of Happies (retail value: $16). Every shipment includes a jewelry set that's a gift from Box of Happies. This month's version contains a necklace with a little pink bird (which I like) and earrings that look like they might be elephant tusks, or chili peppers, or something else that I can't identify (or maybe it's just a random design). I didn't like the earrings quite so much, but the bird makes up for it.

2. Handcrafted floral magnet from Robin's Art and Design (retail value: $15). This magnet is cute, but I think that its price is overinflated. I found it disappointing that almost half of the box's value was taken up by this item.

3. Two-ounce bar soap from Megan's Soap Box (retail value: $2). I love getting bath and body items in subscription boxes. This soap has a lemongrass scent, and I'll definitely be using it!

4. Rhinestone hair tie from TingLisa (retail value: $6). Hair ties are "big" in subscription boxes right now; I've received no fewer than three sets from various indie boxes to which I subscribe. This particular hair tie is cute, and while it'll probably get hidden in my massive, curly hair, I think that it's a nice addition to the box.


I'm not gonna lie, this month's Box of Happies was a disappointment. I really liked a few of the items that I received, but the items that I didn't like bummed me out. I also feel as though, while technically the cost of the products that I received was more than the cost of the box, for what I paid, the value wasn't there. I've been really happy with past boxes, though, so I'm assuming this shipment was just a fluke that didn't happen to tickle my fancy. Onward to next month!

Box of Happies costs $28.99 a month, though you get $2 off when you use the code HAPPIES. Sign up here: Box of Happies subscription link

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