Tuesday, May 13, 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have review, May 2014

I received my May POPSUGAR Must Have box in the mail yesterday. This is one of the boxes that I especially look forward to receiving, as it contains an array of lifestyle and beauty items worth over $100 (and I pay only $39.95 for it). I've been really happy with previous POPSUGAR boxes, so let's see what this month brought.

Here we go:

1. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pool Boy Nail Lacquer (retail value: $10). First, I LOVE the name of this company, having some minor OCD tendencies myself. Second, I love this color! It's different---such a pretty blue, and a good look for summer.

2. Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser (retail value: $45). This perfume is amazing. I'm very picky about my fragrances, and usually deem various perfumes as "too spicy" or "too much like fruit" or "too old lady-ish." This, however, has an awesome scent. It has a hint of coconut, but it's more nuanced than that. I can't really describe the scent other than to say that it's like a really appealing sun tan lotion. No wait, it smells like the beach. And like summer. Anyway, I loved it.

3. Zing Anything Citrus Zinger (retail value: $17). This was a bit of a disappointment only because I already have a water bottle (received in a Coco Rocha Fancy Box) that's very similar to this one. Still, I suppose a girl can have more than one water bottle that lets her infuse her drink with juice straight from the fruit. It's a cool product, and I'm sure I'll put it to use.

4. Kerry Cassill Eye Mask (retail value: $24). This is so soft, and very cute! I love the print. I'm not sure how much I'll use it, as I can sleep like a log even in the middle of direct sunlight, but I'll definitely keep it around.

5. Tone It Up DVD (retail value: $15). Ugh, this one was a turkey for me. I'm not a "one-day fat blast" kind of girl, and I've long since accepted that my days of flat abs are over. I wanted to tell these women, with their spray tans and six-packs, to get out of my POPSUGAR box. My dislike intensified when I found that the DVD was so shiny that I couldn't get a good photo of it. Still, I'm sure other subscribers loved this item, so to each her own.

6. Hi I'm Skinny Sticks, Multi-Grain Sweet Onion flavor (retail value: $4). POPSUGAR redeemed itself with this snack. You can't really tell from the photo, but this is a fairly good-sized (i.e., not trial-sized) bag of snacks. And though I'm not a fan of onions, I found these sticks to be delicious!


With the exception of the DVD (and, I'll be honest, I'm never a fan of any fitness product that I receive from POPSUGAR), I loved this box. I'll use almost everything in it, and I think that the Smell Bent perfume is one of the best items that I've ever received from a subscription box! To try out the POPSUGAR Must Have box for yourself, head to the website and use my referral link: POPSUGAR Must Have subscription link

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