Monday, May 19, 2014

Luna for You review, May 2014

Luna for You is a subscription service that sends out shipments of four or five beauty products for $9.99. I recently had a chance to purchase a discounted box, which arrived in the mail this past weekend.

Actually, it wasn't a box, it was an envelope.

And inside the envelope was a box.

1. Hard Candy automatic lip liner in "Blush"
2. Hard Candy "Button Your Lip" ultra wet lip gloss in "Flirt"

I didn't receive an information card with my shipment, so I had to do some online research to learn what these products are, and what they're worth. I checked out the Hard Candy website, and found out that the company's products are sold "exclusively" at Walmart. Right off the bat, I'm less than impressed. I couldn't find these items listed on Walmart's website, but I did find the lip gloss selling on Amazon for $1.50 (plus shipping), so honestly, I have no idea what these items are worth. I don't think I'll be using either, though. I'm not a makeup snob, but the packaging of these items feels cheap, and with the number of quality samples that I receive in subscription boxes, I don't see a reason to try out these.

3. Essence eyebrow designer in "Light Brown"
4. PopBeauty mascara in "Smoky Black"
5. Wet n Wild Perfect Pair eye wand in "Smoke Lilac"

I found the Essence eyebrow thing on Ulta's website for $1.50. However, the PopBeauty mascara was a surprise, as I found it listed on the company's website for $18.50. The packaging on the website was different from the packaging that I received in my box, though, so I'm not sure about the reason for the discrepancy...maybe one or the other is an older design? And I think we've all worn Wet n Wild products at some point, so I don't need to delve too deeply into the eye wand. I found this item listed on Amazon for around $8, but I have no idea if that's an accurate reflection of what it sells for in stores. (I couldn't find the item on Walmart's website.)


On the face of it, this subscription is a good deal; for $9.99, subscribers received an $18 bottle of mascara, as well as other makeup items that probably sell for a few bucks each. Still, I wasn't at all impressed with this shipment. Most of the makeup is stuff that you'd find at the drug store (or, more specifically, Walmart), and though the PopBeauty mascara cost more, I'm left wondering why it was included in the box, as the price point is so much higher than the other items. I have a feeling it's probably a close-out or older item, but I might be wrong, and maybe it's a new item that Luna for You found a great deal on. Also, the box's presentation was lacking. There was no tissue paper or any kind of protection in the box that contained these makeup items, and I didn't like the fact that I received no information card describing the products and their retail costs. I cancelled my subscription (though, while cancelling, I noticed that I was charged today for a second month, so I guess I'll be getting one more chance to see what Luna for You has to offer).

If you're interested in checking out Luna for You, head over here: Luna for You subscription link

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