Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Golden Tote review, Part 1, May 2014

I'm a little late in posting my Golden Tote review, and I've already seen some of the amazingly cute things that other Golden Toters have received in their shipments. With that in mind, I'll dispense with the formalities, and post three of the items that I received in my $149 tote. (A torrential downpour where I live has temporarily kept me from taking pictures of the other items, but I'll write a second post about them as soon as I can.)

Before I get started, I'll note that I loved almost everything I received in this month's tote!

1. Classic Puella Maxi in emerald. This was one of the two items that I chose, and I'll admit that when I first tried it on, I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't more fitted. However, the more I wore it, the more I grew to love its loose drapeyness. It's very comfortable, and I'm sure that I'll enjoy wearing it on hot summer days. Plus, the color is gorgeous.

2. Black shift dress. Okay, I'll admit that I don't know the brand of this dress because the tag was so itchy that I went at it with my seam ripper, then lost it. If anyone knows the brand, please let me know in the comments section. In any event, I love this dress. It's comfortable, stylish, and will be a great piece for work or nights on the town.

3. Priddy shift dress. As you can see, I'm wearing this as a tunic top because it's just a hair too short for me to feel comfortable wearing it without pants. Still, I love this piece, too, for all the same reasons as the others--it's comfortable, versatile, and a great look for summer.


So far, Golden Tote is batting three for three. By tomorrow, I'll post the other three items that I received. And, holy cow, I just realized that the next Golden Tote purchasing window is this Monday, June 2! Time flies when you're having fun with Golden Tote. I've been away from my computer the past few days, so I've caught only one or two spoilers, but I'll be hunting for some more so that I can plan my strategy. Buying my items this month was extremely stressful because some of my top picks kept going out of stock by the time I reached checkout, so I'm going to be all about speed this time around!

To sign up for Golden Tote, head to the website using my referral link: Golden Tote subscription link


  1. Hello. I like your tote so far, and can't wait to see what else you received! The brand of the 2nd dress pictured above is Orange Caramel, I believe.

    Can't Stop Subscribing

  2. The maxi looks great on you--I really like how loose it is, so comfortable. I got one in black.

    1. Thank you! I've worn the dress a few times since I posted the photo, and I've gotten used to the looseness. I love wearing it :)