Saturday, April 19, 2014

MeUndies review, April 2014

MeUndies is a subscription service that, for $16, promises to send you a pair of the "world's most comfortable underwear" every month. The company offers options for both men and women. Women can choose from between thongs and briefs, while men can choose from among boxer briefs, trunks (whatever they are), and briefs. For a while, I wanted to try out MeUndies, as comfortable underwear is one of life's underrated pleasures, but I balked at the price. Then I received an email offering 40 percent off the cost of a single-purchase pair of underwear. I decided that deal wasn't too bad, so I ordered a pair of gray women's briefs, size large. Right from the start, I have to give MeUndies credit, as the company shipped the order the same day I placed it. Here's what I received:

Obviously, I didn't take this photo myself. I was planning to take one when I received the package, but I realized that photographing a pair of underwear is really difficult! I couldn't find flattering light, and everything I did made the photo look slightly seedy. I decided to just post a photo from MeUndies' website.

My first thoughts? I think these are the softest pair of underwear I've ever owned. According to MeUndies, they're made from Lenzing Modal, which is a fiber that retains its color and is two times finer than cotton. They're definitely very high-quality, and probably well worth the purchase cost. Here's a photo that shows the material up close and personal.

 And the cute label on the inside back:

All in all, I was really impressed by the quality of the MeUndies pair that I received! I probably won't subscribe to the service because I can't justify paying $16 for a pair of underwear every month, but when the company runs its occasional sales, I'll be on board.

I do have to step on my soapbox for a few minutes, though. Part of my MeUndies shipment included this card:

This just skeeved me out. It feels creepy, like some Abercrombie-and-Fitch-style advertising scheme that would appeal to "dudebros" and the like. I wonder if men receive a similar card in their shipments, asking if they want to be the "MeUndies Guy of the Month"? I guess it just disappointed me to see that MeUndies was sexualizing its product this way.

Another irritant: if you're not ordering an extra-small pair of MeUndies (at least in women's briefs), forget about ordering any of the company's super-cute patterned styles (except for the "color of the month"). Apparently, the ability to choose from among MeUndies' entire line of colors and patterns is reserved for the extra petite. (Nothing against ladies who wear the size extra-small, as I used to be among you; it's just irritating that MeUndies doesn't extend the same privilege to anyone who wears size small or above.)


Okay, I'm off my soapbox. If you're interested in checking out MeUndies, use this link to get 20 percent off your first order: MeUndies subscription link. The company also offers a line of t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items, all of which I assume are just as comfortable as its underwear.


  1. Nice review! I love my MeUndies! As for the prints, the really cute prints are leftovers from the past color/print of the month. They only make so many of the color of the month and so unfortunately, most of the fun prints are sold out of our size. Also, I love that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - you can get a full refund if you're not satisfied and don't have to send them back.

    I do agree that the Girl of the Month is "skeezy" though. They even issued an apology for another previous post on FB/Instagram asking customers how they liked their girls and their MeUndies...yeah, they need to work on their marketing.

    P.S. I was still able to get March's leaf print in a Large; I didn't care for the palm trees as much. :)

    1. Thanks for your comments and the information! That makes sense about the prints. I can see how the extra-small sizes would be the last ones left. And, yeah, the marketing leaves something to be desired. I think my irritation stemmed from the fact that I wasn't buying the underwear to be "sexy"...I just wanted a pair of well-made underwear, and it was annoying that MeUndies was trying to turn that experience into something provocative.

      I was definitely impressed with the quality of the "undies," though. The price is a little steep, but for what you receive, I think it's reasonable :)