Monday, April 21, 2014

For the Makers review, April 2014

For the Makers is a subscription service that, every month, sends you the materials to make four jewelry and fashion projects. Each shipment revolves around a particular theme, which, this month, was "Soft Focus." The four projects in my April box took their inspiration from the changing seasons by incorporating pastel colors and a sort of dewy, April-showers-bring-May-flowers aesthetic.


I LOVE breaking into a new subscription box to see what I'll find inside. The suspense!

Above are the projects in this month's shipment. The materials are below:
 "Oh yeah!"


I haven't yet completed any of these projects, so to describe them, I'll use photos that I grabbed from the For the Makers website.

1. Andie gem necklace. This photo doesn't show the necklace very well. I tried to take a picture of the purple and white gems myself, but they're so teeny-tiny and delicate that the photos didn't capture good images. The gems are very cute, though, and I love simple, delicate jewelry, so this will be a fun project to make, and one that I'll definitely wear.

2. Heather stationery. Sad to say, but I'm one of those people who doesn't send out hand-written letters very often. Maybe now is a good time to start. This stationery is painted using Kool-Aid, which gives it a watercolor-like appearance. I'm not super-excited about the project, as I have a feeling that my efforts will end up creating stationery that looks like it was finger-painted by a kindergartner. Still, though, I might give it a try. (Or maybe I'll just make a few pitchers of Kool-Aid instead!)

3. Whitney bracelets. As I mentioned, I like delicate jewelry, and though I don't typically wear bracelets, I can definitely see myself incorporating these into my wardrobe. They're made from silver tubes threaded through with silk thread. It's a perfect look for summer, and one that I can't wait to try.

4. Beau hanging planter. I think this is my favorite project in the box. Essentially, it's a bell cup that you dye with Kool-Aid, then hang up with knotted twine. I love using plants as decor, and I think this will look really cute dangling above the other foliage we have in our family room's "plant corner."


For the Makers is such a fun subscription box. I love to "get crafty," and I find that it's easier to discover new projects when all the materials to make them are sent right to my door. (Plus, home delivery keeps me out of Joann Fabrics, where I could probably spend all day and spend way too much money as a result.) This was my second For the Makers shipment, and while I wasn't altogether impressed with my first shipment (it contained primarily neon-hued jewelry and accessories, and neon just isn't my thing), I was very happy with this one. I'm excited to see what next month brings!

If you'd like to give For the Makers a try for $29 a month, head over to the website using my referral link: For the Makers subscription link.


  1. I love every one of these projects! I'm always looking for great craft subscriptions, but still haven't found any I like every month. I'll have to keep my eye on this one. I wish I didn't miss out on this box. I love delicate jewelry also!!!

    Can't Stop Subscribing

    1. You can actually buy this particular box on the FtM website (, but it's a little pricier than if it were purchased through a subscription. I subscribe to a few other craft boxes, and there are a few more that I'd like to try. There's one called Designher that looks similar to For the Makers, so I might have to give that one a whirl next :)