Saturday, April 5, 2014

Julep Maven review, April 2014

Julep Maven is probably the most popular nail-polish subscription box out there. Every month, for $19.99, Julep sends you two bottles of color, and an additional makeup item or supply. I received my first box last month, so this review is of my second box, which I received a few days ago.

As usual, the packaging was adorable (and I received a piece of candy).

Here are the shades that I received. (Each bottle has a retail value of $14.) The orange color is called "Mariska" and the pink is called "Caitlin." I wasn't quite sure how I felt about them at first, as I typically don't go for bright colors. The more I look at them, though, the more I like them. I won't be wearing bright pink or bright orange on my nails every day, but they're fun spring hues to roll out every so often.

My makeup item was a pore-minimizing blush in the color "Peach Bellini" (retail value: $24). I don't wear blush, so I'll be gifting this one.


I wasn't floored by the colors I received this month, but I do like the fact that Julep exposes me to nail hues that I wouldn't normally try. And you can't beat the value: over $50 worth of beauty products for 20 bucks. Julep Maven is especially awesome because your first box is free! If you want to give it a try, sign up using my referral link, and I'd be every so grateful: Julep Maven subscription link

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