Monday, April 7, 2014

April Golden Tote is live! What did you buy?

As of now, the April Golden Tote is open and ready for business! Did you place your order? What did you buy? Luckily, my tax return arrived in time for me to get the $149 tote. Here's what I chose:

Cinched Silk Dress. Cinched styles are flattering on me, and I loved this print. The dress is 100-percent silk, so it'll need to be dry-cleaned, which made me hesitate, but ultimately I went ahead and got it.

The Getaway Tunic. This is just so darn cute. I love the summery style.

According to Golden Tote, the first 1,000 people to place an order will receive the Woo Lace Raglan Top. Since I placed my order about two minutes after the sale went live, I'm pretty sure this will be in my tote. I love it, though I'll definitely be styling the top differently than it appears on the model above.

And BTW, here's what the tote itself will look like:

Can't wait to receive my stuff! Who else has ordered her Golden Tote already? What did you buy?

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