Monday, March 24, 2014

Loot Crate Review, March 2014

Loot Crate is a subscription box for the gamer/sci-fi/geek set (and I say "geek" in the most endearing way, especially because the Loot Crate website uses that very word to describe its offerings). Each month, subscribers receive a box of...well...gamer/sci-fi/geek products, often curated to fit a certain theme. My husband is a World of Warcraft guy, loves Star Wars, tries to regale me with tales of his adventures in Grand Theft Auto, etc., so I decided that he was the perfect "test market" for a Loot Crate. His first box arrived a few days ago. Let's take a peek into it, shall we?

The theme of this month's crate is "Attack on Titanfall." All the products revolve around the manga book "Attack on Titan" and the video game Titanfall, which is based on the manga. (I had to have my husband explain this to me, because I'm not a gamer or a manga person, and I literally had never heard of this whole "Titan" thing.) My husband HAD heard of Titanfall, however, and was pretty pumped when he opened the box and saw the goodies inside.

The box contained a miniature magazine that described the products in the crate, and that also included interviews and articles. Also inside were a "scouting regiment wristband" and an "Attack on Titanfall" magnet. Not a bad start.

Here's where things really got exciting. My husband LOVED the Titanfall t-shirt, which is exclusive to Loot Crate. He also liked the Premium Strategy eGuide; he doesn't have the Titanfall game yet, but this guide will come in handy when he does get it. The box also contained a Titanfall lanyard and a collectible pin.

Bringing up the rear were an "Attack on Titan" manga book (in English, thankfully, as the original manga is in Japanese), a card with various special offers, and a piece of green candy (for St. Patrick's Day).


My husband loved this crate, and couldn't believe that it cost only 20 bucks. I was impressed too; he got a lot of swag for the money. I think we'll continue with this subscription and see what next month brings. Subscriptions cost $19.37 a month, though Loot Crate often runs promotions in which new subscribers can get a few bucks off their first crate.

Interested in subscribing? Sign up here: Loot Crate subscription link

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