Monday, March 24, 2014

Dottiebox Mini Box Review, March 2014

Dottiebox is a monthly subscription service that offers handmade beauty and lifestyle products. The company has two subscription levels: the "regular" monthly subscription for $26 (including shipping), and a "Mini" subscription for $13 (including shipping). Last month, I wanted to order the regular box, but all the slots for that subscription were sold out, so I decided on the Mini. (Since then, more subscription slots have opened up, and I'm slated to receive a regular box in April.) The Mini Box showed up at my door last week, so I tore it open to see what I'd find.

Dottiebox "blueberry cheesecake" lip balm--Dottiebox provided this as a "birthday gift" to its customers, even though Dottiebox is the one actually celebrating a birthday (its first birthday, in fact). I loved this little tube of lip balm. Unfortunately, it contains cocoa butter, so I can't use it because I'm allergic to chocolate. Sigh, c'est la vie. This is very cute, though.

Crocheted lip balm holder from The Lavender Lizard--well, I got lip balm, so of course I'd need a lip balm holder. This is a fun little piece, and very well made. I don't wear lip balm often enough to tote it around with me, though, so I'll be gifting this, but I do like it.

Earrings from Mercantile519--another cute little find, and unfortunately, something else I can't use because I don't have pierced ears. This will be a gift, too.

Nail polish from CoCo LacQuer--very cute! (I know the word "cute" has appeared a lot in this post, but that's only natural when reviewing a "Mini" box--by definition, everything in it is tiny and cute.) I really like the color of this polish (it's called "pinky") and will definitely use it.

The Mini Box also contained a coupon from Ld Nature Photography.


Overall verdict? I wish that I'd been able to use a few more of the items that I received in this Mini Box, but I realize that it's not Dottiebox's fault that I have allergies and unpierced ears. I liked the variety of items that I received, and thought that everything was of good quality. I'm excited to get next month's full-size box and discover even more goodies inside that one.

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  1. That colour of the earrings is my FAVOURITE of the bunch of them! I wish you could enjoy them, but hopefully the recipient will :)
    That pink polish is really pretty!
    Thank you for posting this review :)

    1. Thanks for responding, Nicole! I loved the earring color, too, and the design--so pretty! I know exactly who I'll be giving the earrings to, though, and she'll love them. Thanks for checking out my blog, and for providing such a cool product in my Dottiebox :)