Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kreation Krate review, April 2014

Kreation Krate is an arts-and-crafts subscription service that, each month, sends out a box containing all the materials you'll need to complete a craft project for yourself and a "kind craft" for someone else. I love crafting, and I like to think of myself as kind, so when I received an offer to purchase the first-ever Kreation Krate for a discounted rate, I did so. Here's what I saw when I opened it:

I loved the sticker on the box's lid; it turned out to be a hint regarding what was inside:

The final reveal:

The box contained all the items necessary to make an herb starter kit! Inside were clay pots, seed packets, chalkboard spray paint (to use on the pots), chalk, stencils, white acrylic paint, a foam brush, etc.

The "kind craft" included in the box was a set of wildflower seed balls (the bright spheres that you see in the photo above). They're meant to be tied into pieces of burlap and given away to family, friends, or strangers. The Kreation Krate also came with instructions to create a recycled gift using the supplies that I received for the other crafts.


So, what did I think of Kreation Krate? I loved it! I thought that the idea of creating and gifting flower-based crafts was a fantastic one, especially for spring. I can't wait to get started. I also thought that the value was excellent for what I received (each box costs $26), and that the packaging and presentation were excellent. I'll definitely be sticking around as a subscriber. If you'd like to check out Kreation Krate for yourself, head here: Kreation Krate subscription link

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