Friday, April 18, 2014

Golden Tote review, April 2014

My Golden Tote arrived today! After I did a discrete "happy dance" on the front porch, I brought it inside and ripped open the package. No time for formalities, let's get down to what I found inside. First up are the items that I selected. (I purchased the $149 tote.)

1. The Getaway Tunic from THML. I wasn't sure how this shirt was going to fit. I have a petite frame, but I'm a bit busty and hippy, so my fear was that I would be busting and hipping out of it. On the contrary, this shirt fits very well, so I was happy about that. The material is also softer and lighter-weight than I thought it would be, which was another nice surprise. My only issue is that the shirt's collar is a little stiff, and sits above my collarbone. I don't like stuff touching my neck (other than scarves, which for some reason I'm okay with), so it might take me a while to get used to that sensation when I'm wearing this shirt. Still, I'm happy with my choice. So far, so good!

2. Cinched silk dress from Beautifully. This one I have mixed feelings about--mostly positive feelings, but a little negative thrown in. I LOVE the style and the print, both of which looked flattering on me. My issue is that the above-the-waist portion is a lot more roomy than I expected and, again, there's a collar-touching-the-neck thing going on. It's a pretty top, though (notice I called it a "top" because it's WAY too short for me to feel comfortable wearing it as a dress), so I'm trying to decide whether I want to have a seamstress alter it, or simply trade it on the Golden Tote Facebook trading page.

And now here are my extras. I knew I was receiving the Woo top because it was promised to the first 1,000 people who placed an order, and I was one of those people.

3. Lace raglan top from Woo. I love this shirt. It's comfortable, it fits well, and it can be dressed up or down. That pretty much covers everything. The shirt gets a "thumbs up" from me!

4. Camisole top from Color Thread. This was a bonus item that Golden Tote included to go with the Woo top. (Being made from lace, the Woo top a bit see-through and all.) I have a few black camis already, but can always use more. This was a nice surprise, and looks great with the top.

5. White top from In Clover. I want to marry this top and have its babies, and then have the babies grow up into more tops like this. Can you tell that I love it? This shirt is EXACTLY my style. Simple, with a vintage, boho vibe to it. It's so comfortable, and will be absolutely perfect for summer. Plus, the embroidery (which you can't see very well in the photo) is beautiful. I think this might be one of the best items I've ever received in a subscription box. I know it's just a white shirt and that I should calm down, but it's surprises like these that keep me loving Golden Tote.

6. Floral top from Under Skies. When I first saw this shirt, I thought, 'Uh...paging the Golden Girls.' (I love the Golden Girls, mind you, but not so much their fashion sense.) However, when I tried the shirt on, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I like it! The cut is flattering, the flowers and colors are fun, and I think it'll look great with a bright handbag and a pair of skinny jeans. Maybe looking like Blanche Devereaux isn't such a bad thing!

7. Blue and white striped dress from Priddy by Puella. Golden Tote is on a roll this month! I love this dress. It'll be a great addition to my summer wardrobe, especially for those afternoons when I'm on my imaginary yacht. Actually, though, it WOULD be cute to wear during trips to the lake. My only caveat is that it hangs a little low, so that I'll either have to get some length taken off the straps, or wear a cami underneath it so that I don't flash the world. That little pop of color at the bottom, though...LOVE! Such a cute piece.


I loved my Golden Tote this month! With the (possible) exception of the silk dress, these pieces are all winners in my book. I'll be keeping on eye on the Interwebs to see what everyone else got. I think half the fun of Golden Tote is getting to bond with other GT addicts over the clothing that we receive!

If you want to try out Golden Tote, I'd be ever so obliged if you used my referral link to place your order: Golden Tote subscription link. The April tote will be available until Monday, May 5. On that day, May's Golden Tote goes on sale.

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  1. Your tote is FABULOUS! I am 100% jealous (my tote this month didn't work out, so much sad face).

    1. Oh, that's too bad about your tote :( I've bought only two Golden Totes so far, and I've been happy with almost everything I've received, so I'm dreading the inevitable day when I get a tote that I don't like. I hope next month is a better one for you!

  2. I love your tote, especially the navy striped Priddy by Puella dress with the red. I'm hoping I get that in my tote, but it will not be arriving until Friday. I can't wait to see what I get. I've seen some really great surprise items this month and I ordered late, so I don't think I'll be getting the Woo Lace Raglan tee, but I love that shirt!!!

    Can't Stop Subscribing

    1. I was really happy to see that dress in my tote :) It's the kind of thing that I wouldn't normally pick out at a store, but once I tried it on, I realized that it's really cute. I agree with you, I think GT did great with its surprises this month. Good luck on your tote!