Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conscious Box review, April 2014

Conscious Box is a subscription service that, every month, sends out packages of ethical and eco-friendly food, home, and lifestyle products. You can choose from three options: a "classic" box, a "vegan" box, and a "gluten-free" box. Conscious Box offers a deal in which your first box is free (you simply pay $7.95 for shipping), so I decided to give it a try. I ordered the "classic" box. Here's what arrived in my mailbox.

1 & 2. NEO Energy drink and Cave Man Foods wild blueberry nut bar. A few nights ago, my husband was complaining that we didn't have any pop in the house, so I gave him this energy drink to keep him quiet :) He wasn't sure whether he liked it (I think he used the term "grassy" to describe its taste), but I guess that's to be expected when one is craving a sugary beverage and gets an organic energy drink instead. He did drink it all, though, so it must not have been too bad.

I haven't tried the blueberry nut bar yet, but it looks good, so I'll probably bring it to work for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

3 & 4. Rockin' Green laundry detergent and Country Life Stress Shield Nighttime--I was really happy to get a detergent sample. I've often considered buying a more environmentally friendly laundry soap to use in our washer, but I wasn't sure whether or not it would work as well as "regular" detergents. This detergent can be used in a high-efficiency washer, which we have, so I'm excited to give it a try.

The Country Life product is a supplement that boosts energy and is said to help relieve stress. I'm not really a "supplement" person, but this product had me at "stress relief," so I'm sure I'll be using it.

5 & 6. Traditional Medicinals "Easy Now" tea and Apple & Eve Organic Quenchers "Berrylicious Lemonade"--I love herbal tea, so the package of "Easy Now" was a nice surprise. And I got my inner kindergartner on to try the Apple & Eve juice box. It was very tasty, and had no added sugars, as well as no artificial flavors. Taste + health = win.

7 & 8. Derma E Soothing Anti-Aging Trifecta and Green Now Total Skin Care Mist--at age 34, I'm not really into anti-aging products yet. (Perhaps Conscious Box is trying to tell me something?) However, I always love trying out new beauty stuff.

The Green Now intrigues me...it's a mist that you spray on your skin every day to, as the company says, "cleanse, moisturize, refresh, and revitalize." I'm up for that, so I'll be giving this a try.

9. Vintage Italia Pasta Chips--I really liked these chips; they were flavorful and actually did taste somewhat like pasta, at least in terms of the spices they contained.


My thoughts? I liked the variety of products that I received in this Conscious Box. I was expecting it to be filled mostly with food, so it was a nice surprise to find home and beauty products in it as well. For what I paid ($7.95), it was a good deal. I don't know, however, whether I'll continue subscribing, as the normal monthly cost is $19.99 (which includes shipping). I loved most of what I received, but I'm just not sure the value is there. However, I think the box's goal (to provide natural, eco-friendly products) is admirable and important, especially now, when everything we use and consume seems disposable and laden with preservatives. To support that mission, I might buy the occasional box here and there.

If you want to try out Conscious Box for free (just pay $7.95 for shipping), go here and use the code ESCAPEFREE: Conscious Box subscription link

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