Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stitch Fix Review, March 2014

I recently subscribed to Stitch Fix and received my first shipment from the company earlier this month. Stitch Fix is like having a personal shopper who comes directly to your home (and who doesn't mind if you're wearing pajama pants and an old t-shirt when she gets there). Every month, you pay $20 to have a box of five fashion items delivered to you. Those items can include tops, bottoms, accessories, and jewelry, and are chosen for you based on a style profile that you fill out on the Stitch Fix website. You decide which items you want to keep (Stitch Fix gives you three days to decide), then pay for those items and send the "no" pile back to Stitch Fix at no cost. When making purchases, you can apply the $20 you already spent, so you're not out that money unless you decide to buy nothing at all. If you purchase all five items, you receive a 25 percent discount.

When I learned about Stitch Fix, I was intrigued, so I immediately signed up. I hate going to the mall, and I needed to update my work wardrobe, so this seemed like a great way to avoid the lines while refreshing my closet. Here's what I received in my first shipment, and my thoughts about each. (I apologize in advance for the yellow-ish hue in some of the pictures. My flash was deciding to be weird the day that I took them.)

1. Isaac floral short sleeve blouse, $48. This was cute, but the color wasn't quite right for me. Returned.

2. Zouk tribal print dress, $44. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! This was very cute...perfect for work. I kept it.

3. Collective Concepts abstract tab-sleeve blouse, $28. I didn't expect to like this one, but it was actually fairly cute when I tried it on. I'm just not a big fan of flashy prints, so I returned it.

4. Moon Collection Aztec knit drape front cardigan, $68. Ugh. Too bulky and just not me at all. Returned.

5. 1Hawthorn knit scarf, $38. The picture doesn't do this scarf justice. It was so cute, and I loved it, but I couldn't justify spending almost forty bucks on a scarf. Maybe if winter wasn't ending soon (hopefully!) I would have bought it. Returned.


I kept one out of the five items in my box, but I was actually fairly happy with what I received (with the exception of the Aztec sweater thing, which I might have liked if it were made from a lighter fabric and weren't so bulky). Before sending back the items I didn't want, I went on the Stitch Fix website and submitted my comments about each piece, so I can't wait to see what my next shipment (due April 1) looks like. I've been told that as you receive more boxes, and submit more comments to your Stitch Fix stylist, your shipments will become more and more "spot on" in terms of your style. I'll be sure to post my next pieces once I receive them.

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